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About Jeff and the Company.

Our electricians are trained and highly experienced to handle every aspect of the electrical field. The installations by electricians from Gaudet Electric Company LLC comply with all of today's current code requirements for our electrical installations. Our electrical work is always installed according to code. Over the years Gaudet Electric Company, LLC, has provided hundreds of customers with some of the best electrical products and installations at a reasonable cost. We use material and products that have passed the test of time and purchased from local suppliers. We take pride knowing that our electrical work is installed correctly, free from defects, and will remain functional and safe year after year.

When you call, depending on the size and nature of the electrical services or electrical repairs that you need, I will schedule an appointment to meet you and review what you would like to have done. I will help you with any of the electrical or lighting decisions that you may need to make by informing you of what options may be available and by explaining some electrical code requirements that may need to be followed for the electrical work we will be performing for you. In some cases the job may require urgent repair, or be small enough, in which case pricing can be reviewed right over the phone. You will receive a professionally written estimate reviewing the details of your project. Once the estimate is approved and any final adjustments are made, we will schedule your project. We will always complete the work that is listed on your estimate for the price listed on your estimate, regardless of how long it takes to complete, that is our price guarantee. If you don't add anything to the scope of electrical work, we don't add anything to the cost of the work. All of our work comes with a one year warranty that covers installation or material defects. Most importantly, we want you to be completely satisfied and to earn a loyal customer for life.

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